Resources for Practicing Brahmin Dharma

Provided below are some online resources to assist in Brahminical spiritual education. It is essential that Sandhyavandhanam, Brahmayagnyam, and Vedic hymns must be taught by a qualified Guru and should never be learned by oneself. This is both because of the heavy emphasis on intonation with regard to these verses and also because only a Guru has the right to impart this education. The Shastra's describe learning by any other method as stealing. Please seek out a temple priest, Shastri, Ghanapaathin or any other individual who has learned these through the proper oral traditions. Brahmana Sapradaaya (or tradition) restricts these hymns to Brahmin men post Upanayanam (investiture with the sacred thread). Please follow the following links for more information:

  1. Sandhyavandhanam & Gayatri Mantra (With video tutorial!)
  2. Samithadhaanam (With video tutorial!)
  3. Brahmayagnyam & Vedic Hymns (With video tutorial!)

Additionally, there are several Shloka's and Stotra's that may be chanted by all without specially-qualified modes of instruction or having the need to be initiated or taught by a Guru (although recommended). Some of these are provided below: 

  1. Aditya Hrudhaya Stotram 
  2. Bhagavad Gita
  3. Durga Chandrakalasthuthi 
  4. Lalitha Sahasranaamam
  5. Mooka Panchashathi
  6. Shiva Sahasranaamam
  7. Vishnu Sahasranaamam

More material will be added here as and when needed or requested and becomes available. 

Secular Education with Spiritual Emphasis

Critical to the caliber of Brahmin society is education, both worldly and spiritual.  While many of us may wish our children to learn more about the spiritual side of being Brahmin, how wonderful would it be if this is done alongside mainstream education? To this end was founded the Vidyaniketan Public School (CBSE).

Vidyaniketan Public School at Ullal Road, Bangalore

Vidyaniketan Public School at Ullal Road, Bangalore

Caste being no bar for entry, this boys-only CBSE-affiliated school has been doing stalwart service by educating its incumbent Brahmin students with a Vedic mode of education alongside the worldly. Students are taught Sandhyavandhanam, Vedic hymns, Shloka's and even Yoga. All education is subsidized thanks to donations from generous patrons.

Additionally, the school is home to the Kalyanapuri Brahmana Mahasabha, Bangalore, which has been hosting seminars on the following topics: 

  • Veda Bhashyam - Discussions on Sri Rudram, Chamakam, Purusha Suktam, Sri Suktam, Durga Suktam and others.
  • Veda Adhyanam – its significance, traditions, and meaning.
  • Meaning of Upanayana Mantra's, Vivaha Mantra's etc.
  • Guru Parampara 
  • Go Samrakshanam (cow protection)
  • Vedic Culture and Archaeology
  • Ayurveda and Vegetarianism
  • Cultural Traditions of Kashmiri Pandits
  • Temple Architecture and its Significance
  • Hindu Influence outside India (including Cambodia, Indonesia, Afghanistan etc.)
  • Spiritual Tourism
  • Festivals
  • Activities for women during festivals, traditional cooking etc.
  • Homams, Bhajans, Parayanams
  • Ishti
  • Patanjali Yoga



The address of the school is:

Vidyaniketan Public School (Sri Sankara Smartha Samskrutha Paatasala), 

Ullal Cross Road, Ullal Upanagar, Bangalore - 560056

Phone: +91-80-2321-3396 /  +91-80-2321-1364

The school is currently looking for both donors to subsidize its education as well as students. As they do not yet have a website, we encourage you to call them directly regarding any relevant activity.